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someone taking Casper Snapshot

What is Snapshot and how can it help my application?

Snapshot is a short, one-way video interview that highlights your communication skills and motivation for the profession so you can bring your personal statement to life. 



Snapshot consists of three questions that are similar to questions you would be asked in an interview about yourself, and your future profession. You will respond through video and audio, using your webcam. All responses are capped at two minutes in length, so as to provide programs with a “snapshot” of you! 

Additionally, Snapshot can provide programs with a unique look into your communication skills, helping strengthen your application. Depending on when in the admissions process they review your Snapshot, it could also help increase your chances of landing an interview spot.

Snapshot may or may not replace virtual or in-person interviews for some programs, but at the very least will provide an additional piece of information to complement your application this admissions cycle. Although you will still need to complete Casper on your reserved test date and time, Snapshot can be completed at any time, right up until the earliest program distribution deadline as shown on the Dates and Fees page. 

Access Snapshot through your account here. To ensure you’re well prepared for Snapshot, you’ll be required to complete a practice session before you record the real thing.


For more information on Snapshot and for tips on preparing, please go to Snapshot.