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We’ve rebranded!

You may notice things look a little different on our website, and in our videos, webinars, and social media channels. That’s because we’ve rebranded from TakeCasper to TakeAltus.

At Altus Assessments, we strive to help university programs improve their admissions process by providing assessments and other selection tools that shed light on applicants’ non-cognitive skills to paint a more holistic picture. Since we’ve expanded our suite of assessments and selection tools beyond Casper to include Snapshot and Duet, we’ve decided to rebrand the company.

previous CASPer logo
Our previous logo for the CASPer test, which you’ve seen until now.
new Casper logo
Our new Casper logo, which you now see on our social media channels, our website, videos and in the actual test.


What this means for you as an applicant:

  • — not — will be your official go-to resource for all assessment-related products provided by Altus Assessments.
  • You’ll be required to take Altus Suite, a multi-part assessment which includes Casper and Snapshot, starting this cycle (2021/2022). Applicants to US undergraduate and graduate medical programs will also take Duet. 
  • When booking Altus Suite, you’ll be prompted to create an account at It is through this platform that you’ll reserve your Casper test date and complete all other applicable parts of Altus Suite.

For more information on Altus Suite, including booking and completing the multi-part assessment, check out our FAQ.