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What is Snapshot?

Snapshot is a short, one-way video interview. It is made up of three interview-style questions, with two minutes to respond to each. Although short, it offers programs an additional piece of information about yourself to support informed decisions, while giving you an opportunity to bring your personal statement to life. Depending on when programs review your Snapshot responses, it could help increase your chances of landing an interview spot!

How does it work?


You’ll see a prompt to complete Snapshot when you log in to your Altus Suite account. Click the prompt and complete a systems requirement check.


You will be asked to complete a practice session. This is mandatory and helps you be prepared for the real thing. You can practice as many times as you’d like.


After practicing, you can begin your Snapshot interview. You’ll read the first question and have 30 seconds to reflect before the recording begins.

60 Minuets

You will have up to 2 minutes to record your answer. You can stop the timer if you finish early. Hit Submit to move to the next question and repeat the process.

Submit your video

After you complete Snapshot, click Submit. Please note responses are automatically saved and you cannot re-record yourself.

Frequently asked questions

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